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  • White Goose Down Feather Pillow White Goose Down Feather Pillow
  • White Goose Down Feather Pillow White Goose Down Feather Pillow

Goose Down Feather Pillow

Quick Overview

Our hypoallergenic goose feather pillow provides year round comfort with easy maintenance. Cuddle up in the softness of this fluffy goose feather pillow that has 40% down for ultimate softness and durability.

Machine washable
Size:74cm (W) x 48cm (L).
Material: Cotton with Feather filling

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Goose down feather pillow White

Sleep nice and tight, night after night with the ultra-comfortable Goose Down Feather Pillow. Goose down filled pillows are made using down clusters which are much lighter, softer and last longer than feathers. Our goose down feather pillows have had the large feathers combined with feathers extra soft and comfortable pillow.

These pillows have 100% cotton shells and their standard size allow them to fit our 100% Egyptian cotton bed sets.

Key features of the goose down feather pillow:

  • 74cm (W) x 48cm (L)
  • Cotton shell
  • Goose down / Feather filling
  • Machine washable

My 5 star home bedding sets are the most competitive in the UAE market.

Dimension and details:

74cm (W) x 48cm (L)

Care instructions:

Place the pillows into a large machine with a small amount of mild liquid washing detergent and wash on a warm, gentle cycle. The pillows can be dried in a tumble-dryer on a low heat, take it out of the dryer and shake a few times during the cycle

Feather and down pillows are expensive. It is important to educate yourself about what makes a quality, long-lasting pillow. Read the label to determine whether the pillow is filled with down clusters or feathers or a blend. There are several types and varying quality levels of down. The three most common offerings are: 

  • Goose down: Geese have the largest down clusters, with the Hungarian Goose producing what is most widely considered to be the finest down. Due to the size of the goose down, the larger clusters offer more loft and insulating qualities.
  • Duck down: Since ducks are smaller, their down is smaller and more coarse than that of a goose. However, Eider Duck down is larger and considered to be of good quality.
  • Feather-Down Combinations: Because down can compact with use and age, many pillows and heavy usage items are filled with a combination of down and feathers. The feathers add bulk and stabilize the down.

Pillows with down clusters are the most expensive but will have a longer life. Down clusters are easier to clean than feather/down combinations and more resilient to compacting. Eight hundred is the highest down fill rating. The higher the down fill number, the better the quality. Examine the fabric covering of the pillow and make sure that is a tightly woven fabric. This will keep the feathers contained and make the pillow feel silkier.

Tips for Keeping Feather Pillows at Their Best

  • Always use a washable pillow cover to keep the pillow as clean as possible.
  • Change and wash pillow cases and pillow cover at least weekly.
  • Keep feather pillows as dry as possible. Never go to bed with wet hair!
  • Do not air feather pillows outside on a high humidity day.
  • To freshen feather pillows, place them in a tumble dryer on low heat or the air cycle for ten minutes.
  • Always store feather pillows in a pillowcase to repel dust in a cool, air-conditioned space.
  • Less expensive all-feather pillows will last longer if taken to a dry cleaner. Feathers do not fluff as well as down clusters and washing can trap moisture and leave permanent damage to the feathers.
  • If you have feather-filled decorative throw pillows, remove the covering before washing or take them to a dry cleaner.

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